January 2008


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Thanks for taking your valuable time to visit my website.  I consider it an honor to share my information and life experiences with you.  In fact...thanks to people like you, just hit 627,000 unique visitors!  That's reason enough for me to give thanks this month!


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Throughout my working years I’ve acquired vast skills as a negotiator and direct marketer.  Starting work at thirteen, I was already developing my negotiating skills as a sort of “carnival barker” selling meat to poor people on Chicago’s South side.  From there I’ve had numerous positions and entrepreneurial ventures that have shaped and molded me as an authority on negotiating, marketing, and communication.   


People kept telling me over and over just how valuable my new “buying” and "selling" skills were.  I had stumbled on a “buying” system that literally enabled me to buy anything for a fraction of the cost.  So over a couple years, I spent my spare time organizing my thoughts in a simple-to-follow system that will show you how to properly buy products and services for personal or business use at a fraction of the cost.  (In fact, if you follow the methods in my book, you can make back ten times your investment in one purchase.)  That was how my new book "Negotiate Your Way to Riches" came about.  


The book has become so popular, it's now distributed in three different languages.  "Negotiate Your Way to Riches" is so effective, Barnes & Noble now publishes it through Barnes & Noble Publishing and it's become a national BESTSELLER!      


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